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December 27, 2012 / robinswood

A review from Pat Loughery’s “In the Currach” blog

Here’s an excerpt from the opening paragraphs of a new post published on In the Currach | Pat Loughery’s blog at the intersection of faith, culture and technology.

God’s Mind in That Music is two things: Firstly, an exploration of theology in music, and secondly, an exploration of the life, work and meaning of John Coltrane’s music on its own terms. In both halves it delivers quite well. It is remarkable to me that it would be a fascinating read for theologians who do not care for Coltrane, as well as for Coltrane fans who do not care for theology.

I first discovered this book when poking around the publisher’s website. A fan of theology and the arts, and also a fan of jazz (and early Coltrane), I bought an eBook copy with low expectations. Frankly I assumed it would be, as I described to friends at the time, “academic wankery.” But by the time I was through just the Foreword and the Introduction, I bought a print copy of the book because I wanted fingers on paper, and I wanted to flip back and forth, and I knew that the book would be impactful to me and would need to live on my bookshelf for many readings and references.

It does a writer’s heart good to read such things… not that I particularly want anyone to buy duplicate copies, mind you. It is just a great source of delight to see someone move so quickly from fearing “academic wankery” to wanting an actual print copy.

To read the full In the Currach post, simply click here.

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