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January 17, 2013 / robinswood

A musical celebration

lucas saderThe first official Winnipeg book release event – a concert celebration with food and drink, all in the setting of the historic Fort Garry Hotel – happened earlier this week, and it turned out to be quite a blast… A big thanks to all who came out and joined in the celebrations.

I’d been telling everyone that the band was to be “The Lucas Sader Quartet,” which is a band that really doesn’t exist! But when Lucas and I originally talked about him playing at a book launch (our first discussion was in July, after I’d seen him at the Jazz Festival), I’d been thinking in terms of a quartet format, which is what Coltrane generally played with. Having Lucas on drums, Karl Kohut on bass, Paul Balcain on sax, and Will Bonness on piano would certainly make for a great evening.

derrick gardner

Then during the day on Monday I discovered Lucas was bringing his “real” band, the Lucas Sader Project, which also includes the trumpet player Derrick Gardner. Derrick is a world class jazz player, and his presence just takes the level of the band’s playing up a whole extra notch. It was very, very fine.

For more information and some samples of Lucas’s music, just head to his myspace page.

And there is one more local release event to go: Thursday January 17, 7pm at McNally Robinson Booksellers. It will be a more conventional event, with a reading from the book and the obligatory book signing. Of course because this is a book about music, I couldn’t resist the temptation to play some of Coltrane’s finest; in this case a vintage video of the Coltrane quartet’s moving lament, “Alabama.” If you’ve  never really listened to this one, you can see a great video version by clicking here.

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