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July 2, 2013 / robinswood

Music from the Jazz Mass

chilcott_jazzmassOn Sunday June 30/13, it was my privilege to preach at the annual jazz liturgy at the Cathedral Church of St. James in Toronto. Music for the liturgy was led by the Mike Janzen Trio, together with the cathedral choir under the direction of Vicki St. Pierre. The liturgical setting was Bob Chilcott’s “A Little Jazz Mass,” which was originally written for the massed choirs of the 2004 Crescent City Choral Festival, and received its premiere in St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans in June of that year. The liturgical music was supplemented by some terrific jazz settings of some well-known hymns, allowing the congregation to join in with full voice. The cathedral was full, the energy high, and the chemistry between the choir and the trio was dynamic.

Here is a six and a half minute sampler of the music shared in that liturgy, with excerpts from the following pieces of music:

  • Kyrie – sung by the choir, and accompanied by the trio
  • “All things bright and beautiful” – the final verse of a classic congregational hymn, opening with a bridge featuring Mike Janzen.
  • Sanctus – sung by the choir, and accompanied by the trio
  • Angus dei – sung by the choir, and accompanied by the trio
  • “Ride on, King Jesus” – one of the great songs from the African-American church, played by the Mike Janzen trio at the end of the liturgy

To listen to the music sampler, simply click the arrow. The recording was made on a hand-held digital recorder, so while not studio quality it does give a good sense of the overall sound.




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  1. João / Jul 5 2013 7:06 pm

    Can’t wait for your book to arrive. I ordered it from Amazon a month ago and it’s still in the mail somewhere. Congratulations on all it’s success and I’ll talk to you again when I finally get to read it.

    • Jamie Howison / Jul 5 2013 9:27 pm

      Sorry Amazon has taken so long… love to hear from you after it arrives, to see what you think.
      Jamie Howison

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