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August 12, 2013 / robinswood

Wayne Shorter at Newport

Just came across this today, and wanted to spread the word. NPR has posted 80 minutes of free streaming audio of the Wayne Shorter Quartet live at Newport, with special guest Herbie Hancock sitting in. Shorter’s quartet is one of the best currently working in jazz, having played together on and off for close to a decade and a half. Having Hancock sit in raises the bar, in a really, really good way.


The basic quartet includes Shorter on saxophones, Danilo Pérez at the piano, Brian Blade on drums, and John Patitucci on bass. I’m pretty partial to Patitucci, partly because he’s such a great player and partly because he was one of the people who sat an interview for my book, and was just generally really supportive.

You might make a case that Wayne Shorter is the saxophonist who picked up the mantle left behind when John Coltrane died, and that over the years he’s been doing what Coltrane might have done had he lived longer. Even if you think that’s a stretch, it is hard to argue that what Shorter is doing at the age of 80 is anything but adventurous and vital.

To listen to the concert, simply click here.


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