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March 17, 2014 / robinswood

New music from Mike Janzen

mikejanzenmetronomeMy friend Mike Janzen has just released a new record, and I wanted to help spread the word. Titled Metronome, this is the fourth project to be released by Mike’s trio… and this version of the trio is a killer. With Mike on piano and organ, George Koller on bass, and Larnell Lewis on drums, this is a band pretty much built to explore Metronome‘s theme of time. You can listen to two of the tunes on his newly updated website.

Metronome explores how music interacts with time, both technically and philosophically. Music has the capacity to move the listener from the business of ‘every second counting’ to the sense of time passing without our awareness.

For a bit more on Mike and his music, take a look at my blog post “Preaching alongside of Mike Janzen,” published July 8, 2013, just a week or so after he and I were both involved in leading the annual jazz liturgy at St James Cathedral in Toronto.



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